Alex Boothby

Alex’s work as a visual FX artist can be seen in hundreds of commercials including ads for Adidas, Heritage Minutes, Budweiser, Listerine, Smirnoff, Michelob, RBC, Acura, GM Canada, RBC, as well as in feature films such as Fight Club, Black Swan, Panic Room, The Cell, and Chicago. 

Aaron Pozzer

Aaron has been creating visual content for  almost 20 years.  He studied at Sheridan College, graduating in both the Technical Illustration course, as well as the Visual Effects course.  He enjoys just about anything creative he can get his hands on, from photography, to 3D animation, to 2D motion graphics, to videography/editing, and to music, where he has been playing drums for almost as long.  He has a desire to always create the best that he can, no matter the job, and an attention to detail to make sure he does so.  When he’s not working on projects for clients, he is trying to learn something new, as this field is ever changing with new tools and techniques all the time.  His professional career has led him contribute his efforts to feature films, indie films, television productions, business advertising, print media, and corporate projects to name a few.

David Wile*

David Wile has been working in the photography industry since 2002. He has garnered such clients as Research In Motion, Advil, Salvation Army, HBC, Sears, Ralph Lauren and Proctor & Gamble to name a few. He has worked with top advertising agencies such as Cossette, Saatchi & Saatchi and Y&R. Much of his work has been seen in national print campaigns across Canada and has won numerous photography awards including work in Applied Arts Magazine multiple years in a row.

He started his career as a still photographer and has naturally shifted into the cinematography and directing world. Some of his most recent photography and film accomplishments have been a viral photo and video campaign that has gained worldwide recognition called ‘Pucker’. Currently it has over 2 million views on YouTube and has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Tosh.O and Kevin Newman Live.

David has recently started selling fine art work. Currently his work can be seen at PI Fine Art in Toronto where he has over ten pieces displayed.