Marc Ricciardelli

“Marc Ricciardelli is the best director in the world…ever!” This was overheard recently (in Marc’s head). But who is to say that it’s not true? No one can deny the obvious similarities to some of the great filmmakers of our time. Like Scorsese, Coppola and Fellini, Marc also has an Italian last name. He’s also been compared to Kubrick (similar beards).

A Prism Prize nominee 2013 for Hollerado’s “So It Goes”, Marc has also won a Juno, 3 MMVA’s, and a Reel World Film Festival Outstanding Music Video Award. In addition, the Vegetarian Times (bi-weekly) voted him Best Pescatarian director in North America, and we all know that there is a nomination in the works for best Director Bio of 2016. 

Also, Marc has Dave Foley and Margot Kidder’s personal email addresses! Do you? Didn’t think so, babe.  Marc donates monthly to the Human Fund.